Stone Stolen (Gargoyle Living Stone Book 1)

When Jeannie meets Sven, a gargoyle on the run from evil alchemists, she must navigate the dangers of the supernatural world and decide between her duty and her heart.

Jeannie is a gargoyle, beings created by the universe to guard its secrets. But that was a long time ago. These days, Jeannie has channeled all her protective instincts into raising her younger brother and sister alone. Born without a clan, Jeannie has never met another gargoyle who wasn't related to her.

That is, until she meets Sven, a gargoyle sworn to protect a powerful magical stone. Sven is on the run from alchemists who plan to use the stone for evil. Jeannie is drawn to Sven and feels a strong connection with him, but she must decide if she can trust him when protecting the stone puts her family in danger. As the danger surrounding the stone grows, Jeannie must confront her own lack of knowledge about her species and decide between her duty and her desires.

Will she choose duty over love, or will Sven be the one to melt her heart of stone?

Stone Stolen is an action packed Urban Fantasy slow burn romance.

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Stone Cursed (Gargoyle Living Stone Book 2)

Clan, Love, and War collide: Jeannie's battle to reclaim her heritage and defend her heart.

When Jeannie lets Sven into her life despite the ban on gargoyles, she risks the wrath of the local vampire coven. The only thing keeping them from driving her family out of town is the grace of their leader, Soren. But with Soren missing, the vampires are on the warpath.

Things only become more complicated when she's whisked away by a gargoyle clan that claims she’s the lost heir of their previous king, her grandfather, who was violently deposed by the current king. King Gabriel wants to marry her to unite his splintering clan, divided between those loyal to him and those devoted to the previous royal line. The clan’s unity becomes more imperative as the local vampire coven blames Jeannie for Soren’s disappearance, and they enlist the help of other vampire covens to demand Gabriel’s clan turn her over.

If he refuses, war is inevitable. Jeannie must solve the mystery of what happened to Soren and decide what’s more important—her duty to prevent war, whatever the cost, even if it means marrying Gabriel, or her growing feelings for Sven.

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Stone Stalked (Gargoyle Living Stone Book 3)


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