Reaper Revealed: Reaper Trials-Semester One

Surrounded by death, one young woman must learn to wield it or succumb to it.

There was a time, not long ago, when I heard the word reaper and thought of skeletal beasts shrouded in hooded cloaks who tormented people with their soul-sucking sickles.

Now, they are the mean girls I pass in the halls at L’Academie L’Mort, and the insanely hot guy with perfect hair I’m told I will be working with. Oh, and after graduation, it turns out I’ll be one, too.

Confused? Join the club. The line forms behind me.

I was living the normal life of a sixteen year old just days ago. I loved martial arts and playing my cello. Then, I found myself ripped from everything I knew and summoned to a University in a parallel paranormal universe.

How am I adjusting? My only friend is a squirrel, and something is out to get me. Not what you would call a stellar start. I’m meant to train and ready myself for the Reaper Trials. But as whoever—or whatever—is hunting me closes in, I begin to fear I’m the one that won’t make it out of Death Academy alive.

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Reaper Rejected: Reaper Trials-Semester Two

Rejected and labeled a traitor, one woman must prove where her loyalties lie.

I’ve been beat up.
I’ve been lied to.
Heck I’ve even been kidnapped.

What’s a girl to do when she has to go back to where it all happened. The academy holds the answer to what happened to my parents. Add in the fact that I’m manifesting my powers and I have nowhere else to go.

Whoever or whatever is after me is closing in. I need to stand my ground, learn how to use my new powers, and survive the Reaper Trials. Piece of cake.

Fans of Vampire Academy, Harry Potter and The Magicians are sure to fall in love with these diverse characters and the amazing world they live in.

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Reaper Remembered: Reaper Trials-Semester Three

Reaper Wilhelmina Vellum is about to turn eighteen and enter her second year at Academie L’Mort. With her mother’s journal unlocked and in her possession, Billy hopes to discover why her parents betrayed Death.

Back at school and never a dull moment. My abilities are manifesting and I have a target on my back. Great. It doesn’t get any better since my sister Kenzi is also a Reaper and hates me for it. Or that I have feelings for my hot as hell practicum instructor Jericho West.

With Hell after me and the powers of Death and Hell both vying for my loyalty. One of them may well be the death of me.

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