Young Adult

darkest betrayal 1

Darkest Betrayal: Fallen Angels (The Brotherhood of Angels Book 1)

Twins of the prophecy…
Sold to a dark angel.
Chase and Aiden Hawthorne have always known they had to stick together. When their father sells them at a young age to a dark angel, they learn to use each other.
Helping each other grow in power and strength, the young men develop talents rare in the angel world.
So much of their lives were kept secret.
And for good reason.
They, along with the blood of two girls, are the keys to the prophecy that foretells the end of all worlds.
Could they still be what their mother died for?
Or will the Rogues defeat the Brotherhood of Angels and destroy the world?

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Darkest Love: Fallen Angels (The Brotherhood of Angels Book 2)

Her blood opens worlds…

Chase Hawthorne is a guardian of the end.
He’s an angel who didn’t ask for it, and he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t have to save them all… just the two girls mentioned in the prophecy.
As one of the dark angels of Cynnistear, Chase regrets the eternal pact he made with his brother to locate the women.
He needs his brother’s blood and the sacrifice of both girls to ensure the prophecy takes place.
Only… his brother has other plans. His brother wants to end the prophecy.
But Chase needs the end to come.
Chase is drawn to Madison and has to protect her, but it could prove dangerous to go against the only family he has left.

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