guardian redeemed ebook
Guardian Redeemed: The Guardians Book 1
Eva doesn’t claim to be the best guardian angel, but recent circumstances have horribly marred her record.
After losing not one, but two charges, the Powers That Be are beginning to feel her inadequacies can no longer be ignored. Eager not to be sent to Hell over poor job performance, Eva sets out to prove herself by embarking on a mission to rescue Elsie, granddaughter of the former King of the Fae. Elsie has been kidnapped by a demon, and will be used in an ancient ritual to weaken the veil between Earth and Hell. If that comes to pass, Hell’s most horrific beasts could come spilling out.
Assigned to Garin, an angel liaison, tensions run high between him and Eva when Garin realizes she’s the angel responsible for his uncle’s death. In their race against time to save Elsie’s life, the pair must find a way to put their differences aside.
Save the girl, save the world—oh, and maybe save Eva’s job.
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